The Church is more than a building, it’s a family.

Church is so much more than a building – it’s not comprised of bricks or beams, but people.The day you asked Christ to be your Savior, you became a part of a great family of believers.

We have an encouraging and supportive family at Abundant Life. And whether it’s your first time or you’ve been coming here for a while, we’d love to get you plugged into our family, and the way we do that is through Membership. .

Why Membership Matters

All over the world Christians gather together,—not in one collective place, but in community local churches. His design is that the local church is to be led by pastors who are genuinely called and gifted to lead, teach the Scriptures and equip the believer to live a Christ-centered, victorious life.

Being a committed Christian involves worshipping God in a community of believers-a visible family that helps us to discover who we are. That family is found in the local church.

He has a passion for you in His heart and a place for you to belong in His family. Church membership is an important expression of that commitment.

 How Do I Join the Family?

You can become a member in three easy steps:


Attend Informational Meeting

The informational meeting is designed to help you learn more about us, and for us to learn more about you. After this short meeting, you can move onto step two.


Fill Out The Membership Form

Once you have a clear understanding who we are and what we believe; the next step in the process is to fill out the membership form. The membership form allows us to capture the information necessary to get you plugged into the ministry.


One-to-One Session

At this stage in the process we’ll introduce you to your Community Pastor and answer any remaining questions you may have.

Have Questions, We’d Love to Help.

Whether you have questions about membership, serving or otherwise, we’d love to help in anyway we can. You can call us at 315.463.7300 or email us below.