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Building for Growth & Safety.

At Abundant Life, we believe our children are a gift from God. We strive to instill biblical principles and truths into the lives of the next generation in both a fun and understandable way. That is why we are expanding our spaces, modernizing our technology, and providing more safety with better security.

Updated Technology.

To achieve this, we must put a priority on safety and security. In an effort to provide a safer and more secure children’s ministry area, we are making some important and necessary improvements to our check-in and check-out processes.

Our first improvement is the check-in and check-out procedures. We are upgrading our check-in stations with new kiosks with touchscreen technology that will be user-friendly to check in your child from new birth – 5th grade.

Better Security.

The second improvement we are addressing is in the area of security and safety. In addition to requiring a kid-check ticket/name tag, we are changing accessibility in and out of the children’s ministry areas. In order for a person to have access to the children’s ministry areas, including staff and volunteers, they will have to have a kid-check ticket or badge to enter the classrooms or the children’s ministry area. The parent/guardian or approved ticket holder must show their ticket to the Kid Life team member before the child can be released.

A New Traffic Flow.

Also, to improve our security in the children’s ministry area, the doors leading into the preschool and business office area from parking Lot C will no longer be a point of entrance or exit for Sundays, Wednesdays, or any events held on the campus of Abundant Life. The doors going in and out of the preschool and business office from parking Lot C will be accessible for emergency exits only.

Those who choose to park in Parking Lot C will have to enter through the front doors of the main lobby at the front of the church. We realize these changes may, in some cases, cause a minor level of inconvenience for some.

It is our hope that you will recognize that our commitment to providing a safer and more secure environment will benefit the children, friends, and families who attend Abundant Life. Thank you for your understanding!

– Kid Life Team

New Children’s Area Map

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Kid Life renovations start and end?

Renovations will begin in November 2017 and most likely end at the beginning of 2018.

Will children’s services still be held during the Kid Life renovation?

Yes, we will relocate the ages when necessary. We will communicate those changes to you as we go.

Where do I check my child in?

All families will check in their children ages 6 weeks – 5th grade in the Kid Life lobby.

Can I enter the Kid Life Hallways during service?

Yes. You will need to show your parent claim ticket to enter the hallways.

Will I be able to access the current mother’s room during the renovation?

Yes. Check in with a team member at the Kid Life check-in desk and they will allow you access to the room.

How do I pick up my child?

Have your parent claim ticket ready to show at each hallway entrance and proceed to your child’s classroom. Once you arrive at the classroom, present your parent claim ticket to the Kid Life team member at the door.

What do I do if I lose my kid-check ticket?

Visit the Kid Life check-in desk to reprint your parent claim ticket.

How do I exit the children’s area?

All families will enter and exit the Kid Life area through the main lobby. No other exits or entrances are permitted, except in case of an emergency.

Is there parking designated for families?

There will not be designated parking for families. You are welcome to park in any of our three main parking areas.

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