• Feb012017

    Claiming Your Benefits

    God wants to bless us with every blessing He has provided for us in Jesus Christ. Yet too often, as life happens, it brings blessing but also pain, disease, and infirmity. God has a plan to deal with this and…

  • Jan292017

    Praying With The Spirit

    The Holy Spirit gets on the field with us, by our side. He stands with us and pushes along with us, praying with, in and through us to claim victory over our weaknesses. Pastor John will teach how the Holy Spirit makes up the gap between God’s ability and our weakness.

  • Jan252017

    Creating Environments For The Presence Of God

    Pastor John teaches us how the Holy Spirit works in ways that will create an environment for the Presence of God.

  • Jan222017

    The Expectation Of Glory

    Pastor John Carter talks to us about the day Jesus returns and judges the earth with righteousness and the people with truth. He will set creation free on the day of His return.

  • Jan152017

    Prisoners Of Hope

    Pastor John picks up where he left off in Romans chapter 8, 2 years ago. You don’t need hope if life is good, hope is needed when you start facing some challenges. Hope connects you to a better future. Learn how to keep your hope alive and not allow it to dwindle.

  • Jan112017

    The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree

    Pastor Pascale Williams will talk to us about some practical things that will guarantee growth in our Christian life.

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