• Feb222017

    Rise And Be Healed

    Learn how faith comes by hearing the Word of God and that acting on it is a condition for healing. And how God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit and power to heal all that were oppressed by the devil.

  • Feb192017

    Nothing: Your Security in Christ

    Predestination is not God saying who will and will not be saved. If you are born again you are predestined. Predestination is all who will come and be saved, will come to Jesus and be glorified in the end. Learn today that what God started in you, He will complete.

  • Feb152017

    The School Of The Holy Spirit | Part 2

    If you want to stay sharp and healthy, the Holy Spirit will help you clean up your messes. He will help to refresh you physically, spiritually and naturally. Learn how the Holy Spirit can be your helper.

  • Feb122017

    God’s Purpose For Predestination

    God’s predestination is not to determine whether we can be saved, but rather that those who do believe and are saved will finish the journey. Today, learn how to live in freedom and finish your journey.

  • Feb082017

    The School Of The Holy Spirit | Part 1

    The presence of the Lord comes when the people of God come together.

  • Feb052017

    Don’t Panic, There Is A Plan

    We don’t know how to figure things out but God does. He uses everything in life but He doesn’t send everything in life. He allows these things to happen to fill His purpose and His plan. Learn how to not panic and trust that God has a plan for us to have victory in our lives.

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