• Mar162017

    Open Heaven

    This message is meant to bring you hope, encourage your life, and empower you to live a more abundant life.

  • Mar122017

    The Adoption And The Glory

    Pastor John talks about adoption and glory, two of the eight gifts of the Jews found in Romans 9. Learn how we are adopted into God’s family with all the rights of the first born child and how God’s glory, His presence will abide in us.

  • Mar082017

    What In The World Are You Doing?

    A distraction is something that prevents you from giving full attention to what’s most important. It disturbs your sense of peace. Pastor Lee teaches us on how busyness leads to distractions.

  • Mar052017

    The Gifts Of The Jews

    Pastor John talks about Israel and who the Israelites are and about the eight gifts of the Jews.

  • Mar012017

    Dealing with Distractions | HomeGroups

    We cannot deny the fact we live in a world full of distractions. It seems like It’s getting harder and harder to give your full attention to anything nowadays.

  • Feb262017

    Divine Healing: Giving & Receiving In The Spirit

    Dr. Walborn gives us 4 principles for receiving healing and how Jesus responds to them.

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