• Apr052017

    The Power of Meeting Jesus | Home Groups

    There is no denying that Jesus has the power to change lives. But think for a moment about how you came to meet Jesus. Was someone else involved in your opportunity to meet Jesus? Did someone invite you? Would your…

  • Apr022017

    God’s Financial Plan for His Church

    Pastor John teaches on the importance of tithing and why the tithe is different from our offerings to God and to others.

  • Mar292017

    The Desire For Other Things

    One of the things that keeps the word from growing in our lives is the desire for other things that chokes the Word. Pastor John will teach us how to focus on God’s desire for our lives.

  • Mar262017

    The Gift of God’s Word

    The bible is God’s word and contains His ideas, thoughts and ways. Pastor teaches how God gave it to man and how vital it is to the believer’s life.

  • Mar222017

    What In The World Are You Doing? Part 2

    A distraction is something that prevents you from giving full attention to what’s most important. It disturbs your sense of peace. Pastor Lee teaches us how busyness leads to distractions.

  • Mar192017

    The Covenants

    A covenant is an agreement between two parties. Pastor John teaches us the elements of a covenant, the promises and responsibilities of Gods covenant with us, and gives five examples of His covenants.

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