• Apr272017

    Progress and People

    God commanded us to take dominion over the earth and to make progress. You cannot make progress where there is no potential. There must be potential for you to progress. Pastor John teaches us how God gave us potential and told us to develop it with others.

  • Apr232017

    Journey To The Mountain of God

    The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed. The New Testament is the Old Testament revealed. Pastor John teaches us how the Old and the New Testaments are connected.

  • Apr202017

    Spiritually Upgrading Your Life

    God wants us to upgrade our thinking, mentality, attitude, conversation, faith, and heart. Pastor Lee teaches us how to upgrade our lives and to go to a higher level of life style and responsibility.

  • Apr162017

    The Victory Of Our Champion

    Jesus came into this world and paid the price. So that whatever was broken and wrong between us and God could be fixed and repaired. He came to build a bridge between us the human race and God because of His great love for us.

  • Apr152017

    The Death Of The Champion

    Jesus was chosen to be our Champion but He was betrayed by men, bruised, despised, beaten, mocked, spat upon, scourged and forsaken by God. Pastor John shows us in scripture how God chose Jesus to be our Champion through prophecy and the actual event of the crucifixion.

  • Apr092017

    The Promised Champion

    A champion is someone who protects and fights for people who have no one to fight for them or lack the resources to fight for themselves. Pastor John shows us where in the bible it shows that Jesus is the champion who will win mankind back to God.

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