• May252017

    Progress And Time

    Progress is making choices in your life that will help you to change your circumstances. Where would you like to be in 5 years? How would you feel if you didn’t get there? Pastor John helps us to learn how to act on our choices so that we can move from here to there.

  • May212017

    The Tabernacle of Presence

    God commanded Moses to build a place for His presence. He gave Moses the blueprint for the Tabernacle, the furniture and the priesthood. Pastor John will teach us that the layout of the Tabernacle reflects the trinity in the New Testament.

  • May172017

    Progress And Purpose

    We are designed by God with a purpose and for a purpose, to grow and to press towards the goal that God set for us. Pastor John teaches us how to pursue Christ and have a passion to press towards that goal for the prize.

  • May142017

    Jochebed The Mother of A Nation

    Pastor John teaches on the role of Jochebed in the life of Moses and how her maternal instinct gave birth to the nation of Israel.

  • May102017

    Progress And Decisions

    Pastor John prepares the church members on how we make progress and decisions on Judgment Day.

  • May072017

    The Ark Of The Covenant

    Pastor John taught about The Ark of the Covenant and the meaning of each element that represents the covenant.

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