Holy Spirit Conference

 A city rejoices when the righteous prosper, a prosperity that covers spirit, mind, and body. While you may find yourself in circumstances filled with chaos, or amidst broken relationships; HE has the power to make all things new. This year’s conference will have an emphasis on God’s healing nature and ability. HIS intention for you was not just that you might be healed, but that you would be made whole. While our 2017 conference has ended, sign up to be notified about for 2018 conference dates.

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Rise and Be Healed | Pastor John Carter | February 22nd

The Power of the Holy Spirit | Pastor Christopher Alam | February 23rd

Mind Body Connection – Part 1 | Dr. Caroline Leaf | February 24th

Divine Healing | Dr. Ron Walborn| February 26th


Your story is important and it has the power to change lives. Take a moment and share what God has done in your life during the Holy Spirit Conference.

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