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Programmed for Progress

Our habits determine our destiny. Our life is formed by the habits we keep or the habits we break by replacing them with better habits. What makes a habit better than another is determined by how well its pattern benefits our progress in life. Progress ought to be a conscious choice for every believer, for God has programmed into us a desire to progress in life. In

Discussion Guide

Challenge 1: Choose one habit that you do without thinking and is not producing a result that is in line with your goals for your life.

Challenge 2: Now, think of one good habit that you can begin as a replacement for that poor habit. What might that good habit produce in your life? Write that down. That is your target. The habit is the action you will take to obtain that goal.

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Share with one other person what your goal is in developing this new habit. Begin to share with each other and help each other determine what are some small steps you can take tomorrow to help you start putting that habit in place. Write down what you come up with together.


Father, for any change to take place, we need the power of Your Holy Spirit to help us. So help us tonight to identify what can be changed in our lives and to submit those things to you. Inspire us to creatively to develop new habits that help us reach our destiny in Christ.

Father, we all need your help to put into place the first small steps of forming new habits that better align with what you have called us to be and do. You said that your grace would be sufficient for us to do hard things so we cry out for grace to make these changes and to stick with them until new habits have formed in our life.

We thank you in advance for that grace Father and we give you all the glory for what you are doing through this home group tonight. Amen.

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