The Power of Meeting Jesus

The Power of Meeting Jesus

There is no denying that Jesus has the power to change lives. But think for a moment about how you came to meet Jesus.

Was someone else involved in your opportunity to meet Jesus? Did someone invite you? Would your life be the same if they hadn’t? You see, every single one of us who have met Jesus have the responsibility and privilege of introducing others to meet him too.

The question that we’ll address today is – are you extending the invitation for others to meet the Jesus who changed your life?

Discussion Guide

Q: How did you come to Jesus? What role did another person play in this pivotal moment of your life? Take a moment as a group to ask just a few people to share briefly their experience of someone inviting them to Jesus. 

Q: Pastor John said that the presence of Jesus reveals the person of Jesus. In what ways might someone experience the presence of Jesus before they come to know the Person of Jesus?

Q: It is not uncommon for people to have questions about our Christianity.  Often this can provide a point of internal conflict for us if we don’t feel ready to answer those questions. 

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As we pray together tonight, ask the Lord to show you the people around you who are like Phillip’s friend Nathaniel in our text tonight. Who might be skeptical but also longing for the Truth that can set them free?  Take at least one invitation with you tonight or commit in your heart to share that electronic invitation with them this week.


Father God, we take a moment tonight to say thank you for meeting us – at our point of skepticism and need. Thank you for that person who helped us find our way to You. Now Father, give us the same boldness and courage to invite someone else to church for our Passion week services. Give us your heart lens of compassion and let us see the hearts of those around us who are hurting and longing for you.

Help us Father to see beyond the exterior shell into their heart and soul and give us the right words to peak their curiosity to “come and see”. We pray for the services that week.

Anoint our Pastor for the messages. Anoint our Worship Team for the sound of freedom and anoint our service teams to provide the experience of God’s love and mercy to everyone who visits us. Father fill our campus to overflowing with a harvest of souls for your Kingdom!

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