How to Make Decisions with God

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Question 1: Proverbs 19:21 says, “There are many plans in a man’s heart, nevertheless the Lord’s counsel- that will stand.” We are people who make so many decisions in just one day. Some are minor, some are major. With that said, do you initially go to the Lord throughout the day, asking Him to help you make decisions? Why or why not?

Question 2: When God speaks to us, His counsel will stand because He is always right. Can you recall a time when you heard God speak to you, but it went against what you “thought” was a better road to take? Did you follow your own way, or did you surrender to God and obey what He said? What was the consequence of that decision?

Question 3: Our culture is so noisy, fast-paced, and busy. God often speaks as He did to Elijah, in a still, small voice. God’s voice certainly sounds clearer and louder when we make a wise decision to get alone with God to rest and quiet our minds. If hearing God’s voice is necessary to make decisions that will bless us and others, why can it be a struggle at times to spend time alone with God?

Question 4: Perhaps we shouldn’t be asking, “Why isn’t God speaking to me?” We may need to ask, “Why am I not hearing?” Based on your personal experience, do you agree or disagree?

Question 5: What practical step (decision) can you make tonight that will cause you to get into a position of hearing God’s voice more clearly? Commit as a home group to keep each other accountable to continue practicing your practical step for the next month.

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